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As the name on my website states, HLGC Henrik Lundqvist Golf Coaching it means coaching the player from where he is to where he would like to go.

All players are different in their game and I believe in order to bring the player closer to where he wants to go, I need to find out how the player plays the game of golf. There is a game to be played to the best efficiency possible according to the means that we have.

Who are you and what does your game need? My philosophy is coaching the player towards that goal, identifying your game to its strength and weaknesses according to your goals.

That is what is so great about the game of golf. It is an individual sport in which a player only measures themselves against “old man par” and their goals.

From an instruction standpoint, you will not find any “1 method for game improvement” from me. I stand quite firm in the idea that not all players are capable of creating the same alignments during the golf swing. However, you can hold me accountable for teaching and pushing you to solidify the fundamentals you must have to accomplish your goals. You will learn to recognize your problems, do something about it, and achieve your goals.

There are fundamentals to this game.  And as the “bar is raised and the player becomes more proficient, more fundamentals are laid on top of this base set of fundamentals. Approaching golf in this way will lead to a game that can be tested anywhere and anytime and provide adequate results for the goal to be accomplished.

Lastly, I believe that anyone can learn to play golf and have fun. It is truly a magnificent game and it is timeless.

Until I see you remember: Never fall to the mercy of excuses. Instead find the problems and create the habits that will have you accomplish your goals.

Henrik Lundqvist

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