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Henrik was born and raised in Strömsbro, Gävle Sweden. As he lived close by, the golf course became the natural place to meet up with friends, at 11 years of age he started playing golf. 

In his closest circle of friends there was Christian Hardin, the first Swede to play the US Masters -89, Peter Hedblom multiple European Tour winner, his sister Marlene Hedblom, an LET winner and former LPGA player and Adam Mednick, a ET winner and former PGA tour player. They were all coached by their mentor Bo Murén in a culture of “if you can do it, so can I” and thereby “The sky is the limit”. They continued pushing each other to new levels  without knowing how great that really was. 

As a result, the small Swedish golf club ended up having a player on each and every tour worldwide, which is a fenomenal achievement for a small club from the north in Sweden that had no facilities to practice during the winter but a lot of culture in the ice hockey and sports world.

At the age of 21, he started to play professionally. During 4 years he played on the European Challenge Tour, Asian Tour, South American Tour and the Swedish Tour.

In 1990 he started his career as an instructor and for the past 30 years he has had the opportunity to coach both the Swedish, Norwegian and Belgian national teams and players in numerous European and World championships.

Henrik has now moved to the US and San Diego were he lives and works as of April, 2023. You are welcome to book a class in-person with Henrik here, and you are also encouraged to check out his website www.myGolf2go.com for digital lessons. (Currently available in Swedish only) 

“Seeing the joy of my students when they make progress is my biggest motivation. In my former role as the Head Coach for the Belgian association AFG, I also had  the privilege of seeing several prominent players develop, Nicolas Colsaerts is an example. Who does not remember his debut match against Tiger Woods in the Ryder Cup…”

Henrik also lectures on biomechanics and technique all over the world in French, Swedish and English. 

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